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Who are we & our Buggy´s!


We are two "petrol heads" from Sweden & Norway who love old cars, and the "hot rods" Bruce Meyers began building

in the 60`s from VW Beetle parts.

The start of the classic "Beach Buggy".


Our Company services all "air cooled" cars.

We are specialized in VW and Porsche, and help our customers with upgrades or smaller and lager restorartions.


-VW all early models incl. the T-series buses. (starting 2018 also T3 water-cooled)

-Porsche all 356 & "early" 911's


Under our JES brand we sell cool custom parts, and will add more products in due course...


We also offer a Beach Buggy rental service:


Our Buggy´s are a mix of:

- "Meyers Manx" style, built in the 60's by Bruce Meyers in California.

- "Karl O Englund" style, a Swedish fiberglas body builder in the 70's who also built Beach Buggy's.


The Buggy´s are built on a shortend "pre 1969" VW Beatles chassis with a fiberglas body, and run with air cooled engines with up to 80 HP. Weight approximately 610 Kg.


We have a two seaters available, with two more four seaters in our "pipeline",

In the making are also a number of cool custom Buggy products under our brand name "JES".


Rentals are from an hour, and up to a whole day.

This region offers a great neighbourhood to cruise around in with beautiful country & coastal roads, and a truly unique stretch of beach where you are allowed to drive!


Our goal is for you to feel comfortable and safe, and of course we include good seating, seat belts, buildt in protection bars, DVR camera monitoring, FM/Ipod/BT stereo, so you simply can enjoy the ride.

All controlsm will be at your fingertips, just like a modern car.

We want to make sure that the ride will be a safe one for all involved.



Buggy friends out there stay "tuned"...

It doesn´t get any better than this!


JES Buggy Service

Erich & Steffen








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