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We are a Swedish Company.

As we have many international clients we chose to go English...

You may also contact us in Swedish of course (our native language) or in Norwegian and German.


Here you will find information about our Company JES Buggy Service and what we offer you...


Service of all "air cooled" VW and Porsche models plus some cool custom parts for your Beach Buggy build under Form & Function.

(VW T3 water cooled engines from 2018)


RENT-A-BUGGY.SE is part part of JES Buggy Service that rent out classic beach buggy´s in the South of Sweden.

Rental service is both for private and corporate event use, and is possible from an hour and up to a day.






We want to give you the possibility to have an unforgetable Beach Buggy moment in a fantastic region in the South of Sweden through our rental service. Are you looking for some cool custom parts or need help with repairs of your Buggy, VW Beetle, VW bus, PORSCHE 356, 912 or early 911?


Great, then you can read more about it here...


JES Buggy Service

We take care of all related issues, and can also assist in complete VW, PORSCHE 356, 911 & 912 engine upgrades, rebuilds etc.

Service or help offered according to your wishes.

We can help you with solving VW & PORSCHE electric related issues or upgrades.

Want to "pimp" your ride ?

No problem we will be happy to assist you.

Sorry all Beach Buggy friends....

We have suspended our rental service this year.

See you next summer!

Please check our rental partner on Mallorca below.



Rental is available from 1 hour and up to a day.




How about taking a drive along the beach?

Yes, and thats not a joke as we are close to Skummeslöv & Mellbystrand, which is the only beach your allowed to drive on

in Sweden!

Cruise through Båstad, along the coastal roads of beautiful Bjärehalvön or South along Ängelholmsbukten towards Kullen.

Head North to Halmstad & Tylösand.

Tons of sweet country roads to cruise around us.

Our goal is for you to feel safe in your seat, which includes seat belts, roll bars ,DVR cam monitoring, FM/Ipod/BT players, so you can simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

All controls, just like a modern car.

We want to make sure that the ride will be a safe one for all.

Rental locations are in Båstad or Skottorp.


We wish you a fun & memorable Beach Buggy ride!



SEK incl. VAT.















Rental: min. 21 years of age

All KM included

Fuel: full / full ( debit SEK. xx/L if not filled by return )

Beach recovery: debit 1hrs. rental cost

Not allowed to be driven abroad or on highway

Advance payment: cash, swish or credit card

Rental price incl. 25% VAT. (excl. corporate rentals)

Cancellation fee applicable 48hrs prior to booking

Rental prices do not include CDR ( Collison Damage Reduction )

Cost is SEK xxx per rental period if purchased. ( max. SEK xxxx )

Extra youth damage ductalbe under age 24 ( SEK xxxx )

Deposit for Buggy rental is SEK xxxx (cash)

Prices can be changed without further notice.

( Valid booking will not be affected )


All Buggy´s are equiped with GPS tracking..



We offer your corporate branding on all our Beach Buggy´s.

Either partial or entire Buggy branding.

What better way is there than to show your corporate logo or message on a Beach Buggy in Båstad with its surroundings.

You can chose month, season or Båstad tennis weeks.

The cars are rented out, and will be seen on the roads around Bjärehalvön, Halmstad and south towards Ängelholm/Helsingborg, plus on many of the cars shows we attend during the season.


If you think this is something thats perfect for your Company, then please get in touch for us for an estimate .






You are looking for a different way to do an event!

Then why not have one with Beach Buggy´s?

Let us know how we can make your event an succesful one.





Our foreign Beach Buggy Partner on Mallorca.

Get an 10% discount refering to us!


Still want to "Beach Buggy" during our off-season, or want to test it when your planing to go to Mallorca throughout the year?

Then contact our partner " Mallorca Beach Buggy" in Cala Millor.

Mention code "BBM2018" with your enquiry/booking and get a 10% discount!

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Willst Du auch gerne Beach Buggy auf Mallorca erleben?

Dann unbedingt unser Partner kontaktieren.

Einfach von Rent-A-Buggy.se grüssen mit der Kod "BBM2018" und Du bekomst 10% Ermässigung auf Deine Buchung!


Mallorca Beach Buggy bietet euch "Exclusiv" auf Mallorca in Cala Millor im Nord-Osten der Insel geführte Beach Buggy Touren

mit Originalen Buggys aus den 60iger und 70iger Jahren an."

Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Anfrage!

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